Boggles - ROCK BIO

"Heads Down, No Nonsense Mindless Boogie" - pass the JD.

The band's rock.
Founding member, mainstay & part of the solidest rhythm section this side of the real AC/DC
A musical slut, Boggles has been known to play anywhere, with anyone, and usually for the price of a pint.

If a local band has ever needed a stand in on bass, he'll have done it. Gets up at the drop of a hat after a beer (most nights then).
Currently only playing in BC and Gatorville which is just as well as he struggles to remember his own name,
let alone where and when a gig is or more than 3 chords. Fortunately uses the long suffering Hagrid as a human diary and drinking partner !

When not performing, these 2 buccaneers can usually be found propping up a bar somewhere, whilst planning the design and building of new BC stage props.

Mr Schofield actually seems to perform better after a full day session on the pop (unprofessional ? can't shpellit..too pished..)

To date he has never killed anyone in the line of duty....

The odd/hundred pint of any lager, also JD, also sambucca, also..oh you get the picture.. things with 4 strings (5 are for poofs. You only need 1 anyway). Kebabs.

First played in The Bridge whilst wearing a cardigan and an afro !!!
Has finally learnt 'Bat Out of Hell' on bass with no music or dots. Really useful since no band he is in actually plays it
Is scared of spiders
Can break a PC with one steely glance across a crowded room
Actually IS as old as he looks :)


http://www.carlsberg.com/ prob the best cheap lager
http://www.gatorville.co.uk prob the best other band in the World
http://www.youporn.com prob the best night in and virus provider