Oh God..he's back....YET AGAIN !! Didn't he used to be Fat Malcolm ?!?

Once more the BC revolving door swaps back to an original member. However in a novel twist, he's changed instruments !

Fergie has been awarded, along with chief cohort Boggles, for the 9th year in a row, the North West licenced premises assoc lifetime achievement award for services to lager.
An absolute bastard to rehearse with, a serial instrument swopper, and has been known to headbutt the occasional chav.

The Fergster is most definitely made up to be back in his new fav place at the real heart of the rhythm section.

He may have killed people in the line of duty, no-one is sure, as he may have eaten the bodies.


Guitars, Joe Bonammass..Joe Onnamassa...Joe Bonermassive...erm...that boring blues bloke, LFC, lager, turning up his guitar after soundcheck.
Try turning the drums up after soundcheck now ! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA


www.marshallamps.com - where his wet dreams start..
jbonamassa.com - where his wet dreams become reality
www.liverpoolfc.tv - something to watch whilst he's stealing your hubcaps...

www.kleenex.co.uk - for after the first 3 websites