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"He hits things..." - HARD !

Kim was born in London in 1965. From the age of six he loved to hit things,
and was bought an old drum kit so he wouldn’t damage anything else around the house.
By the age of ten, Kim had been indoctrinated into Jazz music and was inspired by such drummers as Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa.
By the age of twelve, Kim was listening to Zeppelin, The Who, AC/DC and playing in his first band - Hydrophobia.
Kim says, “I just loved the gutsy raw blues influenced riffs and heavy syncopated drumming, it was really exciting and very appealing”..

At fourteen years of age Kim was playing many clubs and pubs and over many, many years has played many various styles on a semi professional basis
and has recorded with numerous bands that have experienced a varied degree of success, most notably The Savages and Insect-o-cuter.
The former used machetes, bombs, a bazooka, cannons and a Miss Whiplash to great effect.
Unfortunately they were eventually banned from the majority of North West venues for either
setting them on fire or blowing them up..or both ! Subsequently the band never made any money
due to extensive legal fees and compensation payments.
Kim said in a later interview "I didn't give a fuck...the band wasn't about money."
Years later he finds himself in THIS band, blowing things up once more and still making no money :)

About AC/BC, Kim says, “I have been trying to give up rock drumming for years, I just can’t kick it.
I was seeking help from Drummers Anonymous
when Boggles came along and drove me back down the Highway to Hell.
He turned, handed me a JD, and said,“Let there be rock” and the engine room was complete !”

To date he has also been known to try and kill someone in the line of duty....

Running and drumming, though not at the same time but he's working on it!!

In 2004 Kim broke the then existing world record by playing drums a staggering fifty nine hours thirty minutes and thirty two seconds
and raised £2000 for MacMillan Cancer Relief.He was British drum marathon champion until 2008.

Loves running.

Kim is a black belt third dan in combat Kung Fu (in the style of Fuk-yu).

Is a vegan - one less for Boggles to worry about stealing his post gig kebab...

Kim has also bothered the plastic making industry now and again and can be heard on -
MLG – Get Funked – 1983
The Savages – Savage Cuts – 1984 (I have this on cassette somewhere !!!)
United States of Mind – USOM – 1995
Red Handed – A Handful of Blues - 2005


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