The long suffering BC lynchpin began his life in rock n roll way back in time in the very early 1980s.
Out on that there road thing, lighting stuff, selling stuff, blowing stuff up and humping stuff with the likes of Saxon (Eagle has Landed tour 1982),
Spider (Back On Eight Legs tour and another one who's name escapes me but probably had something to do with sweeties...don't ask..you had to be there.),
Limelight (various) and on shows with such diverse bands as Motorhead, Budgie, Thin Lizzy and Rose Tattoo.

After getting a real job he retired, never to be seen again, until a chance gig down a pub one Sunday dragged him slowly back down into the
rock n' roll gutter from which he had came.  He first got involved doing a few posters and then slowly dragged his sorry arse out a bit more...

Booking and tour managing the BC Scotland tour in 2009 he has gone on to develop the visual side of the live BC experience & is directly
responsible for several people 'sharting', both on stage and in the audiences at large. He has caused many spilt pints and set off entire building alarms.
The BC pyro is in safe hands though as he is also a member of The Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians.


He has somehow now also slithered back into the UK touring scene properly and is now pyrotechician/Video/Backline Tech for internationally infamous chaps, FM... WTF ??

To date he has never killed anyone in the line of duty....


Beer, Free Beer, Music, Cats, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Leeds United, England Rugby, Oakland (LA !) Raiders, Blowing things up.


1st saw DC on Feb 20 1977...in the Imperial Hotel Ballroom in Blackpool !!!
You can tune a piano but you can't tune a fish.
He has never fucking seen a Harry Potter film, so the jokes on YOU calling me Hagrid, you fucking child :)
Boggles is 99.9% made of pure alcohol
The Sweet - by far THE best metal band this country ever produced.
Could not do this without the support of my long suffering missus, Sharon xx


The Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians -




Eureka Machines -

Eureka Machines

Call Of Duty -

NeXus will own your soul..